16 October 2011

A very floral digi page

Here is a double page that I have made for my Project Life album.  I was over a month behind with my digi pages until yesterday when I finally caught up - yay!  I'm actually one day in front now...just have to make sure I take no photos today!
Here is my very floral double page:
 I was going to add quotes and embellishments about Spring and colour but I thought the photos were so bright and colourful on their own that I would leave it as is.  Don't you just love Spring - all those colours and the beautiful sunshine...I love it!

I've been doing Project Life since June 2009.  I read about it on Becky Higgins' blog and loved the concept.  Back then I wasn't sure how I would go with making sure to take enough photos and keep up with the journalling so I just bought myself a  D-ring binder and the page inserts and I was off!  I love that I have a record of my boys as they are growing up and that I have recorded the funny things they say and do and all their little milestones.  We often sit down and flip through the albums and they laugh as they remember all the fun times and things they have done.  My pages tend to be full of 'people photos' so the last few months I have been trying to make an effort to photograph more of the everyday things in our lives (such as the way my son helps with the washing and uses six pegs to hold one sock on the line!)  I also try to include photos of their art and craft projects and any drawings they do that show new developments.

This year is the first year that I have gone completely digital and I am loving it.  It is so much quicker and easier for me to complete.  I'm not big on the embellishing, I just like my pages to be finished quickly and tell our story.  Each week I can sit down at the computer on a Sunday, pick out my favourite photos from the week and make a double page in about 30 minutes.  It makes me feel so organised!  I used to do paper scrapbooking and I loved it but I would get so frustrated at how behind I was in scrapping all my photos and each page would take me FOREVER to complete!  Now I just buy digital templates and all the hard work has been done for me!  I just add some digi papers and a handful of digi embellishments and I am done.

The digital template for this double layout is by Jasmin Olya Designs - Classic Photobook volume 13.
More digi pages to come soon!

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  1. Gorgeous! And I agree - I'm not huge on embellishments. The photos should be the heroes of each page. I'd love to flick through your book next time I'm up!

    Six pegs on the line - love it, love it, love it.