22 October 2011

A little reindeer fun

I know it's early to be doing Christmas crafts but I couldn't resist making this with my 4 year old son after seeing it on Pinterest here and here.  My boys got their first glimpse of Christmas trees and decorations in the shops this year at the END OF SEPTEMBER!   Since then there have been an endless amount of questions about Santa, presents, wish lists, Christmas trees and of course...how many more sleeps until he gets here!

There are lots of things about this card that drive me nuts, such as:  the thumbprints didn't work too well with the paint and aren't perfect thumbprint shapes; all our reindeer are off-centre; the ribbon is crooked; the sentiment is crooked...but I still kind of love this card!  I think the fact that my son helped with every part of the process and thinks it's the most amazing craft thing he has ever done has something to do with it!  My boys loved dipping their fingers in the paint and making a print and then choosing which reindeer was going to be Rudolph.  Perhaps next time I might try an ink pad instead of paint.

Thanks for looking!

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