29 November 2012

Some distressing with my boys!

My boys (aged 5 1/2 and 3 1/2) have been eagerly watching me use my new distress inks and were not too happy that were not allowed to touch them under any circumstances!  In my defence, I share almost all of my scrapping supplies with my boys and am happy to sit with them and help them make their special creations and cards.  They have their own inks to use and free access to my stamps, they have plenty of lovely scrapbooking paper (my leftovers).  I decided that the cost of distress inks was too much for me to share with them...but I had a weak moment yesterday and decided that under careful supervision, they could have a go at the wrinkle-free distress ink style.  And boy did they love it!

They chose two colours, spritzed with water (so much fun!), and smooshed their tag in the ink.  They oohed and aahed when they lifted their tags up and saw the results, then had fun dipping the tag back in the leftover bits of ink...anyway, they did a super job and I thought I'd share their little creations with you.  Two of these are heading to their Gran for her birthday in a couple of weeks.

Pretty, aren't they!

Thanks for looking!

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