22 July 2012

Sympathy cards

 Unfortunately I have needed a couple of sympathy cards this week.  I find them so difficult to make.  I usually make cards with bright colours so I was pretty stumped.  I didn't want to make an all-black-and-white card, I wanted a little pop of colour but it still needed to be subdued enough to be suitable for a sympathy.

Anyway, after much head scratching, searching through papers and trying to think of something, I jumped on pinterest and did a search for 'sympathy cards' and copied some designs from there.
The tree card above I copied from pinterest.  The original card can be found here.  I thought it was a really lovely card and I liked the three layers of hills.

The other three cards are all slightly different versions of another card I found on pinterest.  Unfortunately I can't find the original so I can't give credit to the layout design.

Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

  1. They're lovely, Carla! I like that they're not just black and gloomy and plain. x