16 December 2011

For the booklovers...

What is this, you ask?  Why it's a bookmark of course!

I love to read and I hate to 'dog ear' books.  So I have been using shopping receipts, torn off pieces of cardboard, hair bands, leftover scraps of paper....anything that was in arms reach as a bookmark.  Then it occurred to me that surely a bookmark would be easy to make?  I do consider myself a scrapbooker after all don't I?

So I googled it and found instructions for these awesome corner bookmarks.  The instructions can be found here.  I also found instructions for making similar 'monster' bookmarks here.  Very cute!

All you need is a piece of cardstock measuring 4 x 6inches (I used double sided to give it a nice finish).  It took no time at all to make and after I had made one the next one I made in under two minutes flat!  So now I have a lovely bookmark, so does my hubby and so does my Mother-in-law.  Who's next?

And now, here is my attempt at writing you instructions on how to make your very own corner bookmark. 

First, start with a piece of double-sided cardstock, measuring 6x4 inches.

In the bottom, right-hand corner, measure and mark a 2x2 inch square.

Using a ruler, draw a line from the top left-hand edge of the square to the top right-hand corner of your piece of cardstock (as shown in picture above).  Make sure this is a straight line.

Cut out the marked area.  Your cardstock should look like the picture above.

Fold the bottom right hand corner up so that it makes a straight line.  (See picture above to demonstrate).

Fold the top right hand corner all the way down so that the points touch exactly. 
Adhere the top triangle to the bottom triangle (being careful to only adhere to the bottom triangle and not the bottom of the bookmark itself, as this part needs to be open so that it can go over the pages of your book).

This picture above shows the open part that does not have adhesive.
Now fold the bottom of the bookmark up so that it touches the bottom of the triangle shape.  Use double-sided tape to stick this part down.

And there you have it!  Your own corner bookmark - easy!
These can be embellished with stickers or rub-ons or anything else that takes your fancy.  I prefer to leave them as is.

Thanks for looking!

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