17 October 2012

Butterfly thank you card

I made this card in about 5 minutes - got to love that!  I love yellow, it's such a happy, cheerful colour.  I wanted to stamp the sentiment in yellow also, but I was worried that it wouldn't stand out enough.  I copied the idea from this blog, Ink it up.  Their card was a one-layer card and so lovely, but I thought that my card needed a solid colour as the base.  I also made one in red, another in purple, and one more in green.  Took no time at all!

Here is my green version of the card - I made it slightly differently and had a go at stamping on a dictionary page.  I found and purchased a second-hand dictionary for $1 at a local Vinnie's store.  I thought the words would make a nice backdrop for the butterfly stamps.  I thought I was very clever and used the page that had the definition for 'thank' on it.  The word 'thank' was nicely placed down the bottom to the left of my stamped 'thanks so much' sentiment.  Ah yes, just perfect.  I thought I was very clever until I was about to take the photo and realised that the first word at the top of the card was 'tes'tis' and in the definition were words such as 'sperm' and 'scrotum'...hmmm, not so clever after all!  Oh well, let's just hope the recipient of the card does not look too closely at it!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Perhaps it could be a 'congratulations on your pregnancy' card. Thanks for testes and sperm!


    1. PS I love the look on the dictionary page. Great idea.

  2. He, he, good one! I have the perfect person to send it to!